Pakistan, France deportation diplomatic row defused

ISLAMABAD: European Union and the European France’s deputy ambassador met Pakistan’s interior secretary on last Friday to defuse a diplomatic row between Paris and Islamabad over an attempt to deport a Pakistani citizen which prompted a strong reaction from Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar a day earlier.
France’s interior department had wanted to deport Muhammad Mansha to Pakistan for criminal activity, vaguely defined as ‘severe moral crimes’. When the matter was raised with Nisar, he reacted strongly. The minister insisted on Thursday that Pakistan would only accept deportees as per its laws and no unverified individual would be issued a Pakistani passport.

The Deportee Problem:During Friday’s meeting, the French envoy said Paris’s stance had not been conveyed to Pakistan’s interior ministry in proper context, leading to a misunderstanding. The envoy added that France wants to work with Pakistan on the issue of deportees.

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