IN Swat Valley is famous for its historical roots in the other hand it is equally well known for his gardens filled with fruit and the sweet juice.

IN Swat Valley is famous for its historical roots in the other hand it is equally well known for his gardens filled with fruit and the sweet juice. Swat kinds of fruits are produced in abundance.
Apple Valley, where it produces two kinds eighteen, twenty, there are also in the gardens of the valley sftalu (peach) of five categories. The peach is popular not only internally but also have great demand abroad.
The peach good number of experts in the village kryryy to begin production the first half of May in Swat until peaches are called here 'firstborn sftalu' locally. The local version of the word Brother.
Production of all types of peaches interval ranging from ten to fifteen days. Then goes down the trees in the break-up of production is packaging and selling it in the market.
After the first week of June sftalu Brother Ali 'Green' it comes to (the word probably disfigurement Al Green English). This type is relatively taste and even older.
The third type is called 'Second hry' in the local language. The output is obtained at the end of the first week of June. He calculated it comes to 'Third Number sftalu. So here goes the season peaches are two-fold increase in the activities of landlords, labor and market.
As previously stated that the period of eight days to produce new varieties to fifteen days, which I could barely reach full production market, the peach and the lack of adequate This fruit is wasted in large numbers.
Third place after reaching sftalu market, four marks it comes to production. Immediately after the production of 'four no' is now ready. The four and there are four Number four different types of sftalu which some of the roly-poly I oblong shape.
Fifth, there are several uraytyz number of sftalu which is called 'simple V "and the" Fifth China. All these types are reaching the market within ten to twelve days.
Fifth produce any number and type that does not get the whole (of which there is no name to reference local number) is ready. This is known as the Golden, which is slightly larger in size and color and excellent flavor. A production of "Golden" says landlords lays out the cost of the entire garden. The price in the market is two-fold.
Three types of six numbers are known. The first type are locally called amy sftalu. Its shape is like a mango. The kind of oblong shape is the third type is called a "tips" that's the most sweet and like sftalu locally. The color is also very charming.
No it comes to all kinds of VI, VII No. 'After landing the branches. It is pink and is called "Spain pky 'locally. Sweetness because it is too much. Local landowner pky tips and Spain are considered the production of sweet and likeable than all the numbers.
VII number or something to lure the heart of Spain pky These are the two different colors of pixels. The light yellow and a dark pink color for turning fruit. Both suits many aspects blend of mind.
The last number called 'VIII', whose production can be achieved by the end of August. The production sftalu the end of August to May in temperate climates in Swat is obtained with a gap of ten to twelve days.
The Swat remote stripes that can yield plantations relatively high cold area sftalu the end of the September are considered, but the cold is not much fun being over the sftalu and maybe there is considered a failure peach production.
In the four months May to August is the peak business with peach orchards in Swat. In addition to the ground and the labor market remain very busy. Works price of Rs stripping fruit trees, five hundred of them day laborers who are commonly called, is called death.
The big bag is called a down-finished fruit tree hung up on the shoulder. If the same is called the strong tree branches to climb on them. The weak branches are drawn up with the help of the local bamboo ladder.
Then crate it comes to comfort. Crete maker of the fruit is removed lace cardboard carton or crate. Each crate can become a musical instrument. This requires experience. Crete is a specialist maker of the best ways to punish the weak and vulnerable fruit can sell a good price in the market.
She decorates with expertise in the bottom row of generally weak fruit and top fruit. Crete maker works for a hundred per cent, over the fruit off the tree. Large ground beside his crate for expert builders in exchange for pay. This is fifteen to twenty thousand rupees monthly salary.
Crete instruments that it can use to pay the monthly holidays. Seven hundred rupees daily exchange workers not paid on holiday. Crete is an instrument of the lump sum payment in the first year at times, so that no other hired.
Usually triggered the whole process of filling torn off and Crates of fruit trees, because sftalu age is very low. Lying inside the crate if it starts to leak water from the fruit and the fruit went through two days is no value in the market, it is poor.
Best sftalu is created in areas and Swat Shakardara Sherpalam. Also parryy, ddhrh, kryryy, Bedarra, sanguatyy, byakn, green gram, Runiyal aurtykdaryy known area for the production of sftalu. Care of plants also depends upon good production sftalu. The landlord keeps care of your garden, it gives good fruit.
The largest garden sftalu Swat is known as the wild garden in the village sanguatyy. The garden consists of eight road on both sides of the canal. Large apples in addition sftalu, apricot, plum and Japanese fruits on trees are also found.
A conservative estimate of the garden owners takes an income of up to Rs than eight million Gardener ahead after reaching various markets the fruit easily earn ten million rupees.
Swat sftalu reaches almost all markets of the country. Sftalu different ages have different numbers. VI number aged twenty to thirty hours, the lowest. It barely reaches the local markets. II and VIII of the highest number sftalu age five to six days. Both numbers can be easily transported to Karachi is the last market, even that can be found abroad. No sftalu age of four and four and a half more. It is brought to market, especially Lahore, Sialkot and Karachi gjranuala apart.
Europe is particularly large demand sftalu the Swat region. Local packaging waste is recovered when the sftalu special packaging.
The landlord is called crate breaking and prizes are awarded to the driver to perform the services. These awards are never in the form of cash, sometimes fruit crate or carton. The driver who brings Lahore fifteen hours Swat car, it is a reward of five hundred rupees.

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