Swat GOC Swat Major General Asif Jealous said

Swat GOC Swat Major General
Asif Jealous said that the army,the administration and the peopleof themedia 's role , whichestablished peace in Swat together,all of us working together for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and mlaknd duyxn the will offer
peace to Swat media martyrs ,
expressed these views while talking to Dave headquarters KHAWAZAKHELA Swat , Buner , Dir Lower and Dir Upper journalists ,the GOC Swat occasion Malakand division of the media 's role for peace Appreciated and that journalists are the ears and eyes of society and their role is no secret to anyone , he said hopefully Swat and Malakand division journalist will serve the region through the positive reporting of journalists also determined the reiterated that he would adakryn leading to the development of the country and build greater interest uqum .

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