Security announced the Swat Press Club and Pakistan

Security announced the Swat Press Club and Pakistan Union of Journalists general body over differences while validating the committee 's decision to Swat Press Clubutmost Press Club Swat Swat press Club and the Union of Journalists Generalkamujudh suspended the constitution , 4-member Action Committee for all mattersBody meeting held in Swat press Club , which was attended by a majority ofthe kitten who deal The draft , the General Council agreed confirmed theMembers , Chairman of Swat University Journalism Department Khalid Khan throwsopinion that light has been suspended as the currentcon stitution Swat Press Clubquickly and in this regard at the Peshawar Press Club mujuzh Committee on New Cabinet approves draft constitution , Similar has been endorsed over Kabi both groups and check the current list ( scrutiny ) option will also be given to the proposed Committee of the Peshawar press Club to complete the process by 15 December 2016 and the new constitution,the general body the meeting presented for approval Will be general body meeting will seek applications that have been endorsed by the Action Committee Press Club and the Union 's new members , which will make the final decision on the proposed committee of the Peshawar Press Club , after the 4-member Action Committee of Bilal Syed will perform these services until15 December 2016 Shahabuddin, Sherin Zada and Mr. Athar to handle affairs of the club that will perform these services until 15 December2016.

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