فیورٹ پوسٹ

Swat's main city of the traffic flow in the Security and Military Police

Mingora husband kill woman's his brother, mother of the suspect's arrest and bring them with them otherwise others will self-immolation

The fiscal budget 2016-17ka Swat District Council meeting

Security announced the Swat Press Club and Pakistan Union of Journalists general body

Swat District Nazim Swat Ali Shah has said that paramedics are the backbone of hospitals

Mingora RP aumlaknd División Akhtar Hayat said that

District Council had been called in the press release

CTD foils terror bid in Peshawar, arrests suicide bomber

Happy Independence Day From BolSwat

All women barekot Police alleged the lack of justice for atrocities threatened mass suicide

Mingora. GOC Swat Major General Asif Ghafoor special recipe Brigadier Commander Security Brigade Ur Mohammad Zafar Iqbal visited Swat Press Club

Customs Act returns to Malakand division

Swat customs Act back to the victory of the people, the Islamic aspirations of the Tough stance aktyarkyatha. MNA Aisha Syed