Swat's main city of the traffic flow in the Security and Military Police

Swat's main city of the traffic flow in the Security and Military Police culinary against illegal vehicles army started to serve with the police, military police mobile and motorcycle patrols along major intersections of the total September be initiated traffic awareness campaign throughout the district will, illegal rickshaws will be taken step by step action strategy against kit cars, remarks Officer Commanding Military police Swat Major Malik Zafar Iqbal briefed the media at circuit House Mingora while I, on the occasion were the ISPR Major Qamar and Major Shahab, he has said the army began to serve with the administration and traffic police to improve the traffic system of public welfare and in this regard the military police are also four police ahlkarn training, he said the traffic numbers of police have been 170 instead of 130 and will be brought to 60 officials in the skin traffic police, said military police, traffic in conjunction with the police to take action against these plazas is no parking with the non-will be brought into action against kit vehicles, including illegal rickshaws said license acquisition will be made easier, however, young drivers each yards would not be allowed to drive, he said the roads will be operated on extensions to open said to be launched early prkl trekking expedition to September for this purpose and strong legal action after Do they have an active part would be appealed to the public to increase awareness and respect traffic rules.

Mingora husband kill woman's his brother, mother of the suspect's arrest and bring them with them otherwise others will self-immolation

Mingora husband kill  woman's   his brother, mother of the suspect's arrest and bring them with them otherwise others will self-immolation, over Kabal area kndruky resident Hakim Zada ​​mother, victim of dubytyun other relatives accompanied Swat Press Club press conference on Friday that his brother ten Aug Musa Khan was shot five mother of Shane flock with the help of his father, Sher Ali, whose report we filed in tutanubandyy police the police krlyahy arrested the victim's father was the victim's husband, the applications have to guarantee arrested yet, he said that the accused had a son nestled near him, while the rest is taken by force parents of two sons, the victim of two innocent daughters to us , he was the second married before to kill Shane flock, he said now we have a serious threat which has been threatening his sister's killer monster phrrhahy and even killed in the area, said this some time ago a man had shot his wife in which she was stabbed and injured seriously by ax on one occasion while unhurt, but later, after which he sent home to them our peace was a powerful sheen sheep he had killed his father mddsy, said police take the flip-flop to arrest suspects, he said, while calling for the provision of justice to arrest the accused police officials if their demand huatu will not meet mjburhujayyn to self-immolation.

The fiscal budget 2016-17ka Swat District Council meeting

The fiscal budget 2016-17ka Swat District Council meeting, we discussed the opposition members had walked out of the meeting, Shahzad expressed reservations on the budget, after long negotiations, the failure did not meet the quorum, after which the absence of budget session was adjourned until Tuesday, and discussed the Ora party members were announced to boycott the race to the concerns of redress, district Council donor meeting was chaired by district Nazim Abdul Jabbar Khan, a district administrator in Swat Mohammad Ali Shah, the opposition leader Ahmad Khan and regardless members participated, while discussing the budget, opposition leader Ahmad Khan rejected the serious reservations budgets of most distribution and protests, we SANA correspondent you think grove the Farooqui expressed budget concerns on the face of the district Nazim Swat Council've walked out of the meeting, PTI members also walked with them, government members and protracted negotiations between the care group in the result, if not the quorum at the end of the meeting has been postponed until Tuesday and the budget debate and the meeting to approve the Tuesday, members of committees, to meet specific aurkmytyun respect to use of the funds, the Council members elected seats are fixed to other demands, including extraction, Swat district Nazim Mohammad Ali Shah held talks with walk-outs to members, but they did not succeed.

Security announced the Swat Press Club and Pakistan Union of Journalists general body

Security announced the Swat Press Club and Pakistan Union of Journalists general body over differences while validating the committee's decision to Swat Press Club kamujudh suspended the constitution, 4-member Action Committee for all matters utmost Press Club Swat press Club and Pakistan Union of Journalists General Body meeting held in Swat press Club, the majority of members participated, Swat University journalism department chairman Khalid Khan throws a kitten on the agreement and submit the draft to the the General Council agreed confirmed the opinion that light has been suspended as the current constitution Swat press Club quickly and thus the Peshawar press Club mujuzh Committee on New Cabinet approves draft constitution, the two groups Kabi also been validated to date and the current list is checked (scrutiny) of the Peshawar press Club, the proposed committee was given to complete the process by 15 December 2016 and a new constitution for approval at the General Body meeting will be presented, the general body meeting will seek applications that have been endorsed by the Action Committee press Club and the Union's new members, which will make the final decision on the proposed committee of the Peshawar press Club, 4-seat action after the meeting the committee will serve Bilal Syed Shahabuddin, Sherin Zada ​​and Mr. Athar press club to handle matters on 15 December 2016 these services.

Swat District Nazim Swat Ali Shah has said that paramedics are the backbone of hospitals

Swat District Nazim Swat Ali Shah has said that paramedics are the backbone of hospitals will take all possible measures to solve their problems, even paramedics charged with responsibility heavy selfless service to humanity, these views expressing the nursing School Saidu Sharif auditorium in paramedical Association sydugrup of Teaching hospital and paramedical Association Speaking at a joint ceremony community of Malakand Division, the paramedical Association sydugrup of Teaching hospital Mian Gul Alim, chairman Riaz Ali Shah, general secretary grace gfaraur cabinet and divisional cabinet sdrnurhlym Khan, sdrsraj Khan, General Secretary Harun al-Rashid and his colleagues took the oath discharging its responsibility, the district Nazim Mohammad Ali Shah congratulated the newly elected officials in his speech has said it will take steps necessary to resolve the paramedics problems and district government will utilize all available resources for the benefits he and other issues, including that upgrade, the heavy said paramedics responsibility levy is that they are also suffering humanity with better medical facilities to patients and survivors as well, on this occasion, elected officials reiterated the commitment that they utilizing humanity and paramedics their full potential will serve.

Mingora RP aumlaknd División Akhtar Hayat said that

Mingora RP aumlaknd Division Akhtar Hayat said that the increasingly anti-crime and anti-social elements in Malakand Division and police directed the crime with professional persons, the press release issued by his office I have been to maintain peace in Malakand division and developing a police force at all times to deal cylnjzsy all kinds of crimes is determined 24 hours to crush the profession, he said SWAT crime is taking action against criminals police arrested several criminals were operating in the division this week, we took drugs and arms exports in large quantities during the operation, said the police operation in Malakand, 68 mfruran, 151 have The suspects, 8 Kalashnikovs, 62 pistols, cartridges 5852, 24 jarjr, 7 daymnt, 3 daggers, 54. 945-kg hashish, 0. 405 opium, 1. Heroin and 229 312 liters of wine exports have registered cases against the accused.

District Council had been called in the press release

District Council had been called in the press release was hy.kh Swat District Council session on Monday and Thursday 17-2016bruz bmurkh 22 and 25 August 2016 at 10:00 at conference hall of Sharif Said the Secret Giver deputing Deputy district will be held under the chairmanship of mayor / presiding Officer Abdul Jabbar Khan.
(1) bmurkh: 2016-08-22 17-2016 on to present the budget for the year of Swat district on Monday.

(2) bmurkh: Thu 2016-08-25bruz Swat district government budget for the year 17-2016pr budget debate and approval.
          Swat District Council
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CTD foils terror bid in Peshawar, arrests suicide bomber

The Peshawar Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) here on Tuesday foiled a terror bid in Peshawar and arrested an alleged suicide bomber from Bacha Khan Road of the city.
According to CTD sources,  law enforcement personnel nabbed an alleged suicide bomber named Rehmanuddin from outside of the Radio Pakistan office in Peshawar.
The counter terrorism department has claimed that the suspect was trained to carry out a suicide attack in the country. It is being said that Rehmanuddin is an active operative of a banned group Jamaat-ul-Ahraar, a splinter faction of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).
The nabbed suspect belongs to Upper Dir district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

All women barekot Police alleged the lack of justice for atrocities threatened mass suicide

All women barekot  Police alleged the lack of justice for atrocities threatened mass suicide until 12 pm, brykut post in charge of Akbar Hussain police and opponents of Emma, ​​including ten sisters resident family donor (brykut) with the sole cadraur broke into our house and ruined walls of sanctity and took us dubhayyun Alhaj Din and tortured Irfan Khan with no charges have been filed cases against them, the head of the family in Swat press Club woman without sahrh BBC said that while women kyhmrah press conference of his daughters and family brykut police checkpoint incharge Akbar Hussain met with opponents of my son, who is president of the market and are fed to us on opponents Emma there are, he said that my one son Alhaj Din drugs which are tight but the overwhelmed police pay nothing were recovered from them, he said Sunday at 10am ASI did Akbar Hussain broke into our house with other officers in plain clothes and without any offense against my two sons Hajj Khan and Irfan Khan, she said, placing his hand on the Quran that the police did not export any drugs to my son but it still took my two sons with him, and lodged a case against him, he revealed that it had before the police burst into why the measure of our patience we bullied several times and we clear If government and police officials took notice of the police Force until 12 pm ASI Akbar Hussain and other officials and fabricated cases end we forced into the 12 pm self- collective ammolation.

Mingora. GOC Swat Major General Asif Ghafoor special recipe Brigadier Commander Security Brigade Ur Mohammad Zafar Iqbal visited Swat Press Club

Mingora. GOC Swat Major General Asif Ghafoor special recipe Brigadier
Commander Security Brigade Ur Mohammad Zafar Iqbal visited Swat Press Club along with Colonel Khurram Rasheed and press inspected the memorial of martyrs in the club, Inter PR Major Qamar were also present on the occasion, the Swat press Club Action Committee gave Bilal Syed Shahabuddin and Sherin Zada ​​briefing, citing the press, Brigadier Mohammad Zafar Iqbal club mosque renovation and approved repair, it aims to build journalists commemorate martyrs to pay tribute to Swat journalists Brigadier Mohammad Zafar Iqbal said, adding that Pakistan journalists key for peace in Swat How to play the character, Action Committee members have the gratitude of the army and said that the construction of the Swat press Club and renovation military are always with which we thank the troops and hope will continue to cooperate with the army in the Swat press Club.

Customs Act returns to Malakand division

Customs Act returns to Malakand division was the place warm welcome in the division Thanks giving rallies , Adviser Engineer Mir location of people , flowers were showered and distributing sweets , Malakand Agency , Dir , Chakdara , in brykut a rally engineer my place on this occasion was held generally that the entire Malakand Division of the Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif to appreciate who the backwardness , feel here at Nishat Chowk while holding large rallies Mingora see the frustrations of the customs Act The implementation of the decision, he said, is to sit agenda of some people and Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan have brought to the forefront of trqyafth out of the darkness agenda's Muslim countries Customs Act, he said politics should be taken on the recommendation of the provincial government decided to implement the customs Act in Malakand Division kyajs aware of the difficulties met by the people of Malakand Division tha.uzyraazm and feelings, he immediately returned to the customs Act lya.suat gas passed three billion rupees for the project the project will solve the problem of gas supply and new areas of low pressure gaanhun khakstm Act summary Bhjuakrmalum not sent PTI leadership and the provincial government to protest against the Customs Act kabdlh malakndky lynacahty to lift our people while turning point were those who said thy.anhun summary for enforcing the Act in in front of a bracylnj nafzhuty because they were led by the PML-N in the front janabhy hard thamgr he malakndky kamskl the case lrajs kusrkru kanfazuaps the act by the nation , he said krdyahy The summary of the implementation of the Customs Act, the elected members of the Assembly had been sent to Pakistan Why should then revolted against the cruel act if they do not agree they were not timely resignation . The Customs Act was made law, but we are very grateful to Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, who returned implementation of the Customs Act in the greater interest of the public.

Swat customs Act back to the victory of the people, the Islamic aspirations of the Tough stance aktyarkyatha. MNA Aisha Syed

Swat customs Act back to the victory of the people, the Islamic aspirations of the Tough stance aktyarkyatha. MNA Aisha Syed, a member of the national assembly fromSwat Aisha Syed said that customs Malakand Division in the press statement Act theWithdrawal a victory of the people. He said the party had adopted a two-hit policy in this regard because the Malaknad division of people passing and the constant crises can not afford to customs payments in any case,he said the central government should Announce a special package for malakand division deplorable state of the roads,Bridges in malakand division to bulid new school,people are fed from the jobs destroyed, the electricity load in malakand division, he that the government should announce to the public basis priority on projects development.

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