All women barekot Police alleged the lack of justice for atrocities threatened mass suicide

All women barekot  Police alleged the lack of justice for atrocities threatened mass suicide until 12 pm, brykut post in charge of Akbar Hussain police and opponents of Emma, ​​including ten sisters resident family donor (brykut) with the sole cadraur broke into our house and ruined walls of sanctity and took us dubhayyun Alhaj Din and tortured Irfan Khan with no charges have been filed cases against them, the head of the family in Swat press Club woman without sahrh BBC said that while women kyhmrah press conference of his daughters and family brykut police checkpoint incharge Akbar Hussain met with opponents of my son, who is president of the market and are fed to us on opponents Emma there are, he said that my one son Alhaj Din drugs which are tight but the overwhelmed police pay nothing were recovered from them, he said Sunday at 10am ASI did Akbar Hussain broke into our house with other officers in plain clothes and without any offense against my two sons Hajj Khan and Irfan Khan, she said, placing his hand on the Quran that the police did not export any drugs to my son but it still took my two sons with him, and lodged a case against him, he revealed that it had before the police burst into why the measure of our patience we bullied several times and we clear If government and police officials took notice of the police Force until 12 pm ASI Akbar Hussain and other officials and fabricated cases end we forced into the 12 pm self- collective ammolation.

فیورٹ پوسٹ