Mingora husband kill woman's his brother, mother of the suspect's arrest and bring them with them otherwise others will self-immolation

Mingora husband kill  woman's   his brother, mother of the suspect's arrest and bring them with them otherwise others will self-immolation, over Kabal area kndruky resident Hakim Zada ​​mother, victim of dubytyun other relatives accompanied Swat Press Club press conference on Friday that his brother ten Aug Musa Khan was shot five mother of Shane flock with the help of his father, Sher Ali, whose report we filed in tutanubandyy police the police krlyahy arrested the victim's father was the victim's husband, the applications have to guarantee arrested yet, he said that the accused had a son nestled near him, while the rest is taken by force parents of two sons, the victim of two innocent daughters to us , he was the second married before to kill Shane flock, he said now we have a serious threat which has been threatening his sister's killer monster phrrhahy and even killed in the area, said this some time ago a man had shot his wife in which she was stabbed and injured seriously by ax on one occasion while unhurt, but later, after which he sent home to them our peace was a powerful sheen sheep he had killed his father mddsy, said police take the flip-flop to arrest suspects, he said, while calling for the provision of justice to arrest the accused police officials if their demand huatu will not meet mjburhujayyn to self-immolation.

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