Mingora RP aumlaknd División Akhtar Hayat said that

Mingora RP aumlaknd Division Akhtar Hayat said that the increasingly anti-crime and anti-social elements in Malakand Division and police directed the crime with professional persons, the press release issued by his office I have been to maintain peace in Malakand division and developing a police force at all times to deal cylnjzsy all kinds of crimes is determined 24 hours to crush the profession, he said SWAT crime is taking action against criminals police arrested several criminals were operating in the division this week, we took drugs and arms exports in large quantities during the operation, said the police operation in Malakand, 68 mfruran, 151 have The suspects, 8 Kalashnikovs, 62 pistols, cartridges 5852, 24 jarjr, 7 daymnt, 3 daggers, 54. 945-kg hashish, 0. 405 opium, 1. Heroin and 229 312 liters of wine exports have registered cases against the accused.

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