Swat's main city of the traffic flow in the Security and Military Police

Swat's main city of the traffic flow in the Security and Military Police culinary against illegal vehicles army started to serve with the police, military police mobile and motorcycle patrols along major intersections of the total September be initiated traffic awareness campaign throughout the district will, illegal rickshaws will be taken step by step action strategy against kit cars, remarks Officer Commanding Military police Swat Major Malik Zafar Iqbal briefed the media at circuit House Mingora while I, on the occasion were the ISPR Major Qamar and Major Shahab, he has said the army began to serve with the administration and traffic police to improve the traffic system of public welfare and in this regard the military police are also four police ahlkarn training, he said the traffic numbers of police have been 170 instead of 130 and will be brought to 60 officials in the skin traffic police, said military police, traffic in conjunction with the police to take action against these plazas is no parking with the non-will be brought into action against kit vehicles, including illegal rickshaws said license acquisition will be made easier, however, young drivers each yards would not be allowed to drive, he said the roads will be operated on extensions to open said to be launched early prkl trekking expedition to September for this purpose and strong legal action after Do they have an active part would be appealed to the public to increase awareness and respect traffic rules.

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