The fiscal budget 2016-17ka Swat District Council meeting

The fiscal budget 2016-17ka Swat District Council meeting, we discussed the opposition members had walked out of the meeting, Shahzad expressed reservations on the budget, after long negotiations, the failure did not meet the quorum, after which the absence of budget session was adjourned until Tuesday, and discussed the Ora party members were announced to boycott the race to the concerns of redress, district Council donor meeting was chaired by district Nazim Abdul Jabbar Khan, a district administrator in Swat Mohammad Ali Shah, the opposition leader Ahmad Khan and regardless members participated, while discussing the budget, opposition leader Ahmad Khan rejected the serious reservations budgets of most distribution and protests, we SANA correspondent you think grove the Farooqui expressed budget concerns on the face of the district Nazim Swat Council've walked out of the meeting, PTI members also walked with them, government members and protracted negotiations between the care group in the result, if not the quorum at the end of the meeting has been postponed until Tuesday and the budget debate and the meeting to approve the Tuesday, members of committees, to meet specific aurkmytyun respect to use of the funds, the Council members elected seats are fixed to other demands, including extraction, Swat district Nazim Mohammad Ali Shah held talks with walk-outs to members, but they did not succeed.

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