فیورٹ پوسٹ

Security will participate in the Raiwind March, will be in the form of caravans on September 30

The duty of the Government every five years in mingora and 16 from the title of the keynote speakers, workshop provide on all free education for children in Kabal tehsil

The former district of Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer mingora and ex-mp, Mohammad Amin

The all Pakistan clerks Association and the Council of the nation quardi ایمپلائز all Government SWAT, Khyber pakhtunkhwa province, a Special Assistant to Dr. amjdali aorsrukari

Move to give Afridi farewell series shelved

Security anuytyu Youth Forum , the fifth anniversaryprincipal was named Jahanzeb College Zahir Shah , was awarded the prize , lastanuytyu Youth Forum 's fifth anniversary

Swat Mingora shraur given special security plan on aydala lzhy in keeping and Kabal, Swat,

Bryalyy Shamzai sprlaig pelasoski SWAT Cricket Tournament

Mingora, Swat, DIG Malakand Division aktrhyat Member of the Divisional Promotion Committee

Army occupied Lahore Sports galaky closing ceremony was held with enthusiasm