Bryalyy Shamzai sprlaig pelasoski SWAT Cricket Tournament

Bryalyy Shamzai sprlaig pelasoski SWAT Cricket Tournament has its name, according to details in the first start of August chud grasi sidoshrev sprlaig SWAT ground awaiting Bryalyy Shamzai compared to the tournament final, defeat the batoran Eelam after the cutthroat competition in the final against a target of May 20, Bryalyy Shamzai soasi batoran Eelam team internationals runs the entire team and batoran to a subaturke base, but Dayan Eelam runs out The captain of the team that wins the final, jmaldin 67 runs, was compared by the prominent batsman of the match and man of the tournament, which will also continue to give this unique tournament organized tournament has been declared, according to Kishor eight teams from around the SWAT lytha, finals, the captain of the team the guest were Haji Muhammad Hassan jmaldin, taking the trophy to stay alive throughout the tournament, with the landmark performance To encourage all players were given prizes..

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