ISPR Assistant PRO Major Mohammad Shahabuddin Ghori said that journalism the fourth pillar and journalists in society's eyes and ears, Swat journalists who sacrificed and kawsyn for peace is commendable in Mingora, Swat is expressed Wish ideas he was talking on his visit to Swat press Club, he said that the virtue of holy Malakand division army, police and invaluable public offering of the giver and we the responsibility that will restore peace, said the army is taking any steps to maintain the welfare and recreation of the public, in Swat, the government's role is admirable, he said that we are taking steps to build the consultation Swat journalists and people development, he said the Swat press uS army with the club will continue in future and journalists to face problems all possible measures will be taken, the Swat press Club Action Committee members Bilal, Syed Shahabuddin, and Mr. Athar welcomed the myjrmhmd Shahab considering or assuming responsibilities in Swat Swat press Club and Swat them throughout the development of fully assured contribute through.

فیورٹ پوسٹ