Swat Mingora shraur given special security plan on aydala lzhy in keeping and Kabal, Swat,

Swat Mingora shraur given special security plan onaydala lzhy in keeping and Kabal , Swat , canceled bnr and Holidays Rahimin offensive police station officials , women's services , has deployed security heavy mosques and important places , a high -level meeting chaired SDP and Habibullah Khan was held in Mingora , Rahim fathers d & bnr police station SHO correct other officers attended the meeting SDP and Habibullah Khan in the last station in Mingora he addressed  The officers feast that is the burden of the Malakand division of Swat Circle minister directed to tighten security qrban because Mingora just swat not Malakand Division headquarters therefore remain vigilant police 24 hours on Eid day and night duty Make sure that occasion he canceled leave for all staff and enable them to ensure the on time of order and said that police on Eid protect all important places and life and property of the people , the other a Median Circle meeting held Presidency SDP and Shaukat Ali Khan held the station keeping , the Median Circle Tourism Circle in Bahrain and Kalam SHOs and staff meeting attended said Shaukat Ali Khan usual big Eid the number of tourists coming because police will be alert during Eid and will provide all possible protection to tourists from all over the country, he said police will stand oversee all internal and external areas , as well as in Kabal chaired a meeting  SDP and Dr John held which were ordered all officers and instructed strictly to ensure security during Eid staff and the Hummer all resources to protect the lives and property of the people and the police is fully capable of handling all types of dysentery and remain vigilant around the clock to protect the public.

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