SWAT District Council meeting of SWAT

SWAT District Council meeting of SWAT, members of last year's of لگادیئے, women also have problems with the implementation of schemes is not lacking in facilities, hospitals and protest, were angered by the members on the use of funds is not the method for diskrion, District Council meeting chaired speaker\/Deputy Mayor Abdul Jabbar Khan District Nazim Muhammad Ali Shah, SWAT district, held also participated in the meeting, the meeting began operation Feroz Shah, Shah Wali Khan, Khan advocate members, Mian Fazal Wahab Khan, Shujaat Ali, Muhammad Ali, Rahat Ali, Irfan Khan, Niaz, the rock legend, Dr. Samar Bakht, Nahid Akhtar, Syed Afzal Shah and the opposition leader, Ahmed Khan, Tojo said, members of the SWAT District Council did not implement the same way last year's schemes is the use of funds related to the diskrion method Also not clear car mambrab Council has expressed her strong, members discovered that iosas was in power in only five of the SWAT worked while the other has been ignored in this Union Councils, members said that the polio campaignThe special police force to perform duty during personnel to receive compensation, be given control of the HIV Department of the PPP, would also not know the option around the four class of employees who will be recruited on the recommendation of the members at the meeting expressing regret at the absence of aigsactus of the district departments until tomorrow to ensure the attendance of members, officers demanded. That officer's affair are not present, the officer began to lock offices and non-celery celery of the affair by the woman, Nahid Akhtar members will block and other ICC women's funds last year's regret over the lack of implementation of schemes, district Nazim Muhammad Ali Shah said that all our struggle for solutions, He has said that the provincial Government provide funds required as a whole so that it could be in the public interest to finish projects, opposition leader Ahmed Khan said that \"we have to act on a plan, we are against the practice of use not against funds in hospitals, local Government Commission will contact the Court in this regard soon or district Nazim has problems To address, in consultation with the members of the relevant forums and assured.

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