SWAT district police chief Majid Khan marwat afisr Abbas in his Office

SWAT district police chief Majid Khan marwat afisr Abbas in his Office, he said while addressing the meeting of district level, the current situation, I am very familiar with all the checkpoints to be strict checking on the بھرکے district. IVS) (VVS) (CRVS) (completed by checking of the crimes to be severe crackdown. Further, he said that my declaration is that it be positioned across the district to establish calm as explained in the active hochkahai. The bullet-resistant jacket will use all the security guards on the officials. On the surface of each circle in the district should be search and کلئیرنس operations, so that hidden criminals arrested in لایاجائے law. SP FR SP meeting PC police training school, Riaz Hussain Mubarak Khan, Bakht zada, upper SP SP investigation SWAT Atif Gohar, the Special Branch in charge of the all of the DSP, SWAT zrbadshah Oz, all SHC oz odegar Officer attended.

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