Swat GOC Swat Army Division, Major General Asif Ghafoor visited children's education

Swat GOC Swat Army Division, Major General Asif Ghafoor visited children's education and support organization kpl cover and announced 2 Hayes car company and a cash grant every month, brygydkmandr Brig occasion Zafar Iqbal accompanied them, kpl Cover model School Director Haji Mohammad Ali GOC bead kndarmy Division Major General Asif briefed Ghafoor regarding kpl Cover model School and the 523 orphans in institutions and 355 orphan children while the Education sponsored 400 hostels for boys and girls agency, he said that the whole of each child's monthly spend 6 thousand less institutional costs donors and fees reading children under self-finance while, the school also presented at various tybluz and welcome song, while addressing the function g Oasi Malakand Army Division, major general Asif forgiving support children orphaned and said education and training and the services of the Foundation to sponsor hats and khpl core inshallah Pakistan army will continue to co-operate more with this organization, they provided vehicles and tuta 2ہائیس for the Organization on each month and announced a grant of RS. one lakh, while the Chief Executive of the school model core khpl Rafi-UL-Mulk Grant of RS. 5 Lakhs for driving, also in Malakand Division said the ROC army g-position the first to seventh khpl core model in the eighth grade school children to Cadet College should be in Swat, also various spheres of the NGO organization on this occasion and came from the orphan children.

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