District police officer Abbas Majeed Khan, a surprise visit to the police station in Mingora

DRC purpose of money, land, property admits given that the decision of the parties to an agreement and the DRC 
Pakistan (press release) district police officer Abbas during Majid Khan, was a surprise visit to the police station in Mingora visit to the DRC office met in DRC members, addressed to the DPO Swat members the opportunity to DRC purpose grants, ground, accept the parties consent and the DRC's decision, which given property, in which most benefits the parties affected by these decisions, small things often reach major conflicts, the same things DRC Ahsan There are ways to solve, including the parties to agree and conclude the matter, the DPO was also instructed the members that will Together with its role adakryn, police History R performance show improvement in the odds, the What the DPO informed the members that the missile, DPO Swat assured to resolve missile.

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