DP Swat night the police galygy sudden raids police record checks, personnel attendance check Pakistan district police officer Abbas Majeed Khan

DP Swat night the police galygy sudden raids police record checks, personnel attendance check Pakistan district police officer Abbas Majeed Khan, Wednesday and Thursday night visit surprise to the station galygy What, in the meantime, he made sure the professional discussions were held in various kind in custody accused him that extend not go on a muggy in custody, only then they record the police after later checked Facebook Key to police officers during checks 48 officers absent payagya.dy PO Swat against immediate 48 personnel reported absent in the journal and immediately go online to suspend the scribe, the inquiry against him to order dydya.dy PO Swat SHO police station saying chided galygy to ensure the attendance of police officers in order not to create a situation for the future

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