Minister of Mardan grand rally has already proved really change krdyakh msyranjynyramyrmqam province has said

Minister of Mardan grand rally has already proved really change krdyakh msyranjynyramyrmqam province has said aurkybrpktunkuaky gyurauam would only want the forced confiscation of lands minister aursyrky mark prmhrsbt auransaء nhadtbdyly the contenders in the 2018 elections kazmantyn. He said Khan was real ayndkmpny Parliament fake mgrtnkuahyn adjutant, Imran Khan, PhD Full-time National Assembly kaazharanhun ideas mynakryutrn to join the conference rhnmahajy mmtazsyasy Mardan Khan akbrafrydy Pakistan Muslim League (N) prpyr meeting stored on a grand occasion addressing the sabrsah, synytrabas Afridi, mmbrqumy Assembly Shahabuddin Khan, MPA jmsydmhmndsmyt OtherIncluded Assembly members, Ursula Nawab Khan and PML-n Lahore President gave Bacha also present.APS said that Engineer amir muqam kadlkhrash prnaqsh رائیگانہیں معصوموں our hearts are still located were sacrifices. He said that Pakistan army today, thanks to the sacrifices of that law is space, peace, عزیزمیں to the country, to mourn the martyrs are equal to the survivor of the tragedy, the nation is depressed prpore h. He said that the tragic and condemnable thing is that despite the passage of two years of this incident, there was no provincial government building in the martyrs monument was unable to shadaaor it is not interested in their families sorrow. He said that Captain Imran Khan PTI in the political arena has lost the match, will be the white wash of PTI khibrpkhtonkhwase in 2018. دعویداروں of change is about to change. The real change will come against PTI in the next general elections.He said the PTI is now Pakistan, to date, has become Imran party, Khattak next elections PTA will not fight back, will tell Muslim League (N) of kutrqyaty projects in the next election and PTI protest A and lost capacity , they do have a plan for the development of their people nothing but sit-in protest and talk to people, not planning .He said Pakistan welcomed the reform package by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the skin load and will hear the good news of the collapse of the energy crisis, 2017 will be the year of development of Pakistan, Khan said earlier that the court will accept every decision, I took a u-turn, in the mouth to produce evidence are spewing venom against the judiciary.

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