The ceremony for the National Assembly to distribute cheques in Bureau khyber pakhtunkhwa kaanaqadkiagia

The ceremony for the National Assembly to distribute cheques in Bureau  khyber pakhtunkhwa kaanaqadkiagia. Shhazadne bioroslem torprosol auralhmrabldersse on director General this opportunity in the National Assembly were his victims hazarrupe in 64 lac 29 volunteer Sirajuddin distributed. Kerdiagiahai گھیراتنگ akhtyarke anasrkikhlav shhazadne director journal slam according to the jurisdiction that corrupt, NAB, national treasures, including the successful operations to give back quapnahaq victims penchayajaraahai advantage ". He said that the stability of the economy of the country's development, aoraoami وبہودکیلئے اکھاڑناناگزیرہے kwajrse frdake afradorkhandan a good many corruption corruption are affected. He said that most helpful badbdanoani qrardiajaraahai terrorism big problem in Pakistan because a stable country roots corruption is licking like a termite.director journal  national accountability beuroshhazadslim said that the country's progress on corruption okhoshhali pramzrasrat nzarqome bioroka layagiatakh established accountability presented the end of corruption from the country aorbdanawan عناصرلوگوں afradkovaps bramdkirke the money you earned from honest could be affected from konkasan treasures awarome Dalai got was bchayajaske. Furthermore, in order to corrupt سزادلوائی anasrkoqraroaqai.

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