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Swat the ANP Central General Secretary Mian Iftikhar Hussain, Balochistan will not be allowed to land more war, were policies always benefit the global forces in Pakistan

SWAT brigadier Iqbal said that will be submitted registrations in certain police stations in each district for which kagzaty karrauayy will start for the registration of non-custom paid vehicles in Malakand

KHAWAZAKHELA Mo collision Hummer collided with another injured in motorcycle hospital KHAWAZAKHELA car and motorcycle

Amirahidrkhan: khyberPakhtunkhwa province, the Awami national party and a former President of mingora, Hoti said that the CIA will not tolerate maltreatment of khibrpkhtonkhwa in project Pack

Swat District Police Officer Mohammad Ijaz Khan charge handled by the police Khurshid Khan, a surprise visit to Pakistan, visited kyduran SP Upper Swat

Bacha Khan and Wali Khan's anniversary celebration was Sister finalized in Swat, to be held January 29 anniversary ceremony

SWAT before the media himself gracious grace didk Chairman MPA presented for accountability

Police in Swat of the martyrs is a great debt, GDP

Security of packaged plan of silence on the route transfers to expose the rulers actually face the people

On the first anniversary of Khyber, SWAT, SWAT district news television tv vibrant ceremony

On the issue of creating a district split upper SWAT chairman, representatives of all political parties, and MPA didk grace Hakim representatives selected public

Khan, public complaints on the gracious grace, mp mangora didk Chairman Central Hospital Saidu Sharif on the special care ward for children of nursery

Swat Press Club Dr Asif Mahmood had been unable to book an earthquake wound unveiling ceremony of life