On the first anniversary of Khyber, SWAT, SWAT district news television tv vibrant ceremony

On the first anniversary of Khyber, SWAT, SWAT district news television tv vibrant ceremony, ceremony, representatives of the District of Khyber news tv tv in Malakand Division and SWAT leaders of political parties participated, according to details of the journalist community, one of the SWAT district, Khyber news tv tv mnayagia complete years birthday, colorful ceremony held at the school district Nazim honevali khpl-core model for all political parties, SWAT Leaders, civil society representatives and journalists, community and District News District News participated in charge of Saeed-ur-Rehman biorochev, Khalid Khan, divisional, SWAT District News District News and to increase the duration of the one-year of tv, including a year-old news, especially district, Khyber tv on his birthday cake at the event, detailed highlighted district news was cut to Khyber district, April 2000, nusiki participants\/t And praised by his side on the occasion assured تعاؤن, district Nazim Muhammad Ali Shah, Deputy Mayor Jabbar Khan, ANP of SWAT, Sher Shah, President of the Union of journalists, Ikram Khan, tehsil Nazim Adil Khan forgiving SWAT SWAT Press Club Vice President Fazal Rahim Khan, the former provincial Minister Wajid Ali Khan advocate, through the power of the people, Ali, Akhtar Ali, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Muslim League N engineer Omar Farooq Khan, Sayyed Habib Ali Shah, District President of Tehrik-e-insaf conflicting j MPA derbala, dir, shangla, Malakand, the gracious grace from polio and lower figures, the political establishment knows journalists on the occasion of the birthday of the SWAT team and Khyber Khyber News News mbarcbadpesh the other while saying, in the best way the problems that real Pashtun manone Khyber news Is a key role in consular tehsil, Yusuf Ali said that the Khyber news is that they are doing while media coverage blatfrek duties on the district Nazim, Saeed-ur-Rehman saidalrahman and Khyber Khan, Khalid Jabbar Khan, Nazim nioske, along with regional representatives, cut the birthday cakes.

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