On the issue of creating a district split upper SWAT chairman, representatives of all political parties, and MPA didk grace Hakim representatives selected public

On the issue of creating a district split upper SWAT chairman, representatives of all political parties, and MPA didk grace Hakim representatives selected public, municipal representatives, the business community and journalists held a Grand Jirga, which had been invited to participate in the Jirga, \"SWAT Bar Association have made their stand with the representatives of the political parties included in the arguments presented to the Jirga, their stance calls for presenting The majority of the opinion that public opinion should be respected, according to the status of district SWAT Jirga in terms of upper public respect for public opinion and should not be a referendum, while the Jirga, saying, but if the majority of the public that kidnappings of referendum in this regard, it is that he is in favour of creating a district split upper SWAT, their opinion should be respected, The Jirga also demanded to the status of the SWAT Division, he was also a part of the Malakand Division c called kalam road and skin Pack build also demanded in his speech Abdul Rahim, President of the Federation of Swat trading platform divided into two districts, SWAT, opposing to that if on the surface of the SWAT are divided into two districts, 67 Union Councils, 95 Union Councils of Peshawar which do And Mardan, which consists of Union Councils pchitr also be divided in more districts to distribute to the public, they process and that it is an essential issues bnayajaraa issues, he said that if the upper SWAT, we have the status of a district split Division and SwatMalakand requires to the status of province will do to the people, through the power of Ali Khan mhamdkhan of the Awami national party, Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Muhammad Amin advocate, President of the SWAT Press Club Shahzad Alam Sher Bahadur Khan, the national country party, tehsil Kabal tehsil Nazim Haji Rehmat Ali khan kalam Mayor Habibullah, Deputy Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami, Naveed khan, pashtoonkhwa Mili Awami party dactorkhald, Baz Khan Upper right to create district split opinions in Swat, while his stance in this regard, Zahid, the conflicting j. Isaac, saying that there is not in the interest of the public, district, granted the public opinion in this regard, they oppose creating a separate district of Khan charbagh tehsil Nazim (1), while the district Nazim Muhammad Ali Shah had also called for the establishment of the district to provide separate reject Otalem and other health services to the public, rather than create a district split from providing the construction work on the road, he told be kalam upper SWAT as a conspiracy to make the district split, tehsil Nazim Khan, sufia بابوزئی what requires public opinion in this regard, while the President of the SWAT Press Club in this regard, called for a national referendum said Shahzad, Syed Rahman, General Secretary of the SWAT Press ClubThat is required of public referendum regarding, Tehsil Nazim brykut Gohar Ayub said that if you enable the district to Upper Swat the upper asks the people of Swat, there is no harm in it, MPA'm good representative of Allah has strongly opposed a separate district in Upper Swat, MPA Fazal Hakeem said in his speech that the movement did not take any decision of the government of justice and will respect public opinion, rather than to impose a decision on the public, they he said in this regard will go to the people, speaking to elders of Swat bar Association President Moaz Khan said kualg not in favor of the Upper Swat district, about people's opinion be repeated.

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