SWAT before the media himself gracious grace didk Chairman MPA presented for accountability

SWAT before the media himself gracious grace didk Chairman MPA presented for accountability, corruption and the resignation announced he will be brought before the evidence instead of recrimination, grace, Hakim Khan, an open challenge to any Government, those who accuse afisr proved evidence of corruption or employee, they shall be free from corruption, jail is not a slogan of Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf The steps for creating a model city of mingora, is worth billions of rupees for the beauty of the city is being spent was RS. 70کروڑ, will cost my supervised, will not give in to any development projects, is clear about, is the present period of bribery is gserchka Yes Allah public money spent on the public is being provided in the public hospitals, medical facilities, public trust is Amin It is absolutely free, and the practical measures taken in order to have picked up in terms of emergency health and education, the provincial government has given serious thought expression press in a complete press club mate using the MPA as a tribute and also to swat the gracious grace journalists said journalists in a difficult situation and what is the truth, the Samanid head higher, he said that in the past when the incumbent Tehreek-e-insaf Change roesh The public has recorded the development msuby of progress and prosperity in the last three years because of the money has devised a strategy for spending the public, he said that we pay attention to the condition of the two major hospitals in Swat granted, Saidu Sharif sanctioned Rs 68 crore for the hospital and from 2013 until today we have spent on the hospital people are feeling the change, he said that the provincial government has sanctioned Rs 45 crore for hospital there are, he said Rs 70 crore has been released to Mingora beauty and have a meeting with the Deputy Commissioner of Swat, district and sub-district administrators, TMA officials to spend the money that will be spent in my care. he said Mingora link has approved Rs 26 million for roads, he said to the bag Mingora city The effort continues, has been allocated Rs 71 million for the construction of SWAT prison and will be 3 billion huge cost Kanju flyover construction, 38 million will be spent on building worth Jahanzeb college degree has bought land for College Mingora drew has been working on, Kalam Development Rs 50 crore approved by the Minister for authority and be made a billion to the fund, in response to a question regarding a separate district in Upper Swat, he said that the the matter will be decided in a vote of the people be left to the people, he said the foot is clean and conscience satisfied not involved in any corruption forth no file is to be present before God if money I will announce his resignation from all positions I was corruption and leave Swat, said the allegations were The slanderer of the present evidence, while corruption and will not let anyone, if a public officer or was corruption on the employee shall be straight to jail, he said that the media representative for the elimination of corruption Us could be thrown out to be corrupt and shake hands jrsy corruption.

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