Swat national vice president of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa usabq Minister Mohammad Ayub Khan and ANP District General Secretary usabq MPA Rehmat Ali Khan

Swat national vice president of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa usabq Minister Mohammad Ayub Khan and ANP District General Secretary usabq MPA Rehmat Ali Khan has said that Imran Khan affair Premiership kept stake Province Province for Pashtun survival and security must Pashtuns with the Awami National Party, Pashtuns have ANP countries require time to be together, under the uauylh against corruption has set a record in promoting corruption, ANP martyrs heirs and assembly of those who sacrifice for the earth, for peace, the blood and fire aazazauamy party to cross the river, expressed these views while he addresses an inclusive gathering of lamb bandy What, ANP Kabal President of gathering intelligent Khan, Ibrahim dyulyy, ftht Allah, Muhammad Ali, Spirit, Liaquat Ali Khan, and others also addressed, while movement and of other political parties on the occasion the leading hundreds Bakht Nawab political families, Javed, blessing Khan, Alam Khan, Muslim Khan, said rowan, Haroon Rashid, Shahab Khan, Khurshid Koza bandy, Hussein Ahmed Rashid, Javed Iqbal, Mushtaq Ahmad, Bahadur Ali, Shaukat, Amin Gul, Mohammad Buner Khan, Ibrahim Ali, Riaz Bacha, dear God, Umar, bktur, Waqas Dr, Ahmed, Shahab Khan, Iftikhar Hussain, Khurshid Ali, Riaz Ahmed, Abrar Abraham, Abraham, Dr. Ali, mercy Hayat, Ali, Abbas Khan, Fazal Hadi, Nasir Khan, Mohammad Alam, Asad Khan, Syed Bakht Taj, Syed Rahim, Syed poor, Aftab Alam, Saber, Mohammad, Ali, according to Gul, Shahid Habib-un-Nabi, award, distinction, Kamran, Nawab Ali Kazim, Bilal, aged Zada, Ajmal, Monday M. Khan Abdullah, Jawad Javed Gul grandfather, Sher Mohammad Khan, Irfan Hussain Shah, Syed, Syed Jalal, Kaki John Pacha, Elijah, patient, cream and Khan, Khalid Sher Zada, Ahmed Jan, Tariq Shah, Shahid, Zeeshan and announced to join the ANP leaders of new victims to public nysnl Parthians Khan, Rehmat Ali Khan, intelligent Khan and other red caps clad congratulated them, the speaker is speaking, that the vote on the name change has not suakch disappointment to the public, justice of the change badly embrace the poor, the rulers made look ndaz province province, is being abused with Pashtuns in Pakistan, while only receive the Pashtuns as the terrorists actually were grdpnjab, regular hideout of terrorists in Punjab and today the sacrifices of those who people are being tight-terrorism, Punjab loud Awami National Party mistreatment deal with the Pashtun and Esfandiar Khan has taken a principled stand in this regard, he said that ANP truly survival of the Pashtuns, the Pashtuns, the only representative body security war fighting today is that the Pashtun people their rights, survival and security ANP banner mthdhujayyn to decide in favor of the ANP in the next election by giving ensure their survival and security, he said that if PTI if performance are claims of vote basis but enough for their poor performance to defeat the movement in the next election that they should explain to them the false slogan of change by giving young attract, when in power Pashtun youth understand that the slogan of his to be a slogan then was, and based on provincial conscious youth turn out the way to them, and today houses the youth party of the faction of the National Youth organization platform mthdhurhy are the beginning of real change.

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