فیورٹ پوسٹ

SWAT area brykut grid station in Swat smuzyy local representatives of the electricity feeder outside the Wapda House

PTI preparations rise in Swat to rally in Mingora, Islamabad, on Friday Friday dispatched a convoy led by district president MPA Fazal Hakeem

Launched the first 3-day azykyly Buffalo fighting in Swat, landowners in the area than the present to show their beautiful and more duduh to the buffaloes

Swat MIT expert Taira BB honor at the International School of organized kurdubamyn complementary function

Swat Tehsil Nazim babuzy Ikram Khan has said that without local development is impossible, the victim of government reluctance of local representatives of the powers

Peshawar, the Awami National Party Council three Sir John was the colony of angry workers General Councilor Syed exchange of successful negotiations leading to the ANP

Swat last ruler son of Mian Gul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb Mian Gul Umar Farooq, the Chief Secretary Khyber writ, filed writ petition in the Peshawar High Court

SWAT ANP District President and former MPA Sher Shah Khan has said that trans farmers repair account in millions of scam question mark on the performance of those who speak out against corruption

Swat MPA chairman daduk Swat Grace Hakim Khan and MPA Azizullah Gran said that utilize their talents to justice lawyers said, justice is the first column of Lawyers Forum party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf the government