Swat MIT expert Taira BB honor at the International School of organized kurdubamyn complementary function

Swat MIT expert Taira BB honor at the International School of organized kurdubamyn complementary function, function kpl home com in kurdubaskul to contribute through gyajsmyn children also attended, kpl home com School Book Fair Pashto children also arranged the flowers have different kinds of books, in which children have enough interest, Tehsil Nazim babuzyy Ikram Khan, president of the Swat press Club Shahzad Alam, managing director of the Cordoba School Khawaja Naveed, auyknng organization's knowledge Babak, hdyqh Bashir school administrator Attaullah Baba Khan highlighted the importance of education and Taira, B to B I appreciated the resolution on the table now shares said that education is the most important key and vocational education for development, trqyafth nations focuses therefore on their children's education, even his own life comfort, including country uqum development Pass, said students Taira B come forward like B and bright performance by showing Country uqum name and finally student Taira Bibi was also a cash prize sent by Wasim Khan and other gifts they excluded crowned cry shawl made , student Taira said that BB Thank kpl home work and school half Córdoba Today I know n S also something that people have a choice and I found Dad was above me and encouraged by the of comments of students on flax were planted by my name, and I will try to do the job more similar and able to serve the nation.

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