SWAT public prosecutor s can also announced announced long march from Peshawar to Swat for acceptance of demands May 8

SWAT public prosecutor s can also announced announced long march from Peshawar to Swat for acceptance of demands May 8, will prepare the agenda in Peshawar for delivering solutions and the rights of the boycott courts there are, again, despite the demands still will not solve our problems and therefore were forced to protest, to seek their own solutions and rights will not hesitate to sacrifice, stated prosecution Officer s Khyber President Saeed Khan Naeem Khan said while addressing Meet the press at the Swat press Club, on the occasion Dust Cut public prosecutors were also tried Khan, Mazhar Alam Khan, Atta-ur Rahman and Arif Bilal, said the police work fir aurcalan which are the police, judiciary and prosecutors contributed to the provision of justice to the people It is the court that the role of good judgment court and prosecutors work continues even after the judgment of the FIR but who presented prosecutors are facing serious difficulties, lack of incentives from the government due to the prosecutor s officers are in other departments, he said that the first problem S no management offices for us, because government offices set up for us in all districts of the province and to solve the problem of accommodation for us in every district, arranges transport for the three provinces of the country, prosecutors but KPK prosecutors radically from the transport facility so be arranged for the automotive transport and officers to prosecutors, they were told that due to security are suffering from insecurity, our two colleagues who have to pay duties were Therefore, all prosecutors be given to the security of the province, he said Health cards for prosecutors, like other employees, the health allowance, professional allowance and other benefits will be, Punjab, be provincial prosecutors for service structure of Sindh and Balochistan, he said that prosecutors Training millions are protesting at the expenses seem to go head are in the service structure and other departments due to not being satisfied with his future so we helplessness, the first stage will Swat to Peshawar March to May 8, the way every I'll trust the prosecutors and the elders, all in the province of Peshawar Prosecutors do not work together, they will prepare for the next protest action, the court may declare boycott to protest is therefore forced to accept all our demands before the government on May 8.

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